Case Study:

The Next Frontier of CRE Asset Management

Find out how a $30B Investment Firm Used WorkSpace to level up their real estate game.

When a leading New York based commercial real estate investor was struggling to increase visibility into an operationally complex business, they turned to WorkSpace.

This case study demonstrates how WorkSpace’s centralized asset and portfolio operating platform integrated with their financial and operational data from dozens of operating partners to power one accurate, clean dashboard for the entire firm.

Find out how you can use WorkSpace to eliminate the need to manually track and consolidate data and empower your asset and portfolio management teams to understand, interact with, and communicate asset and portfolio-level trends and performance in just a few clicks.

Want to learn more about how WorkSpace can help you unlock “active” asset management in its truest sense?

image of vivek kartha, ceo of workspace
Vivek Kartha
CEO, WorkSpace

“As we’ve grown WorkSpace, we’ve found that the underlying problem, whether you’re a global asset allocator or a regional owner/operator, looks a lot alike. This industry needs to get its hands on its data, and that data better be right. What we’ve also discovered, is that our product is flexible enough to meet our customers where they are, and offer the right solution at the right time.”