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The life of a property manager is hard. Your days are full of more exceptions than
rules, and you sometimes feel like a professional firefighter. We sure couldn’t do it.

Property management requires a tremendous amount of task switching. One minute you’re dealing with a difficult tenant, the next you’re closing the books, and before you know it, you have a massive backlog of tasks that prevent you from heading home.

The best property managers we’ve met want to get out of the weeds, delegate routine tasks to their team, and spend their brainpower on the most material issues facing their business. Too often, the volume of daily administrative tasks prevents operations teams from realizing their full impact.

Our goal has always been to support all the processes required to run a property, from one platform. We’ve worked with industry leaders to ensure that talent and experience can shine where they’re needed most.

Don’t believe us? We’re happy to compare.

image representing property management software's ability to improve the tenant experience
icon representing enhanced tenant experience

Enhanced Tenant Experience

Your tenants are the life of your business, and they deserve a seamless experience. In WorkSpace, they can quickly create work orders, reserve shared resources, and register visitors from web or mobile devices. Give them a reason to stay.

image representing financial control within WorkSpace property management software
icon representing financial controls

Proactive Financial Controls and Accounting

Simplify the process of capturing and approving payables across your portfolio while reducing audit costs. Track costs to avoid overruns before they happen. Automatically connect your accounting system and leverage ACH technology to remove costs from your budget.

image representing how WorkSpace property management software has intuitive interface
icon representing elegant interface of WorkSpace asset and portfolio operating platform

Simplified Interface and Employee Training

It’s no secret first impressions matter. Time and time again, we see technology fail to gain traction with teams because it’s hard to look at and harder to figure out. WorkSpace was built to reduce training time and increase adoption. Trust us, we’ve got the world class user base to vouch for us.

image showing how easy it is to collaborate and communicate in WorkSpace property management software

Streamlined Communications and Collaboration

Point solutions, emails, phone calls, and more… there’s a lot of finger-pointing in this business. Don’t waste time stressing about tenant miscommunications and insufficient work order documentation or sending emergency broadcasts to occupants. Rally your internal team and clearly assign tasks.

image showing ease of getting performance metrics within property management software interface
icon representing performance metrics

On-Demand Performance Metrics

We believe in showing your work. WorkSpace houses a number of critical KPIs, such as labor hours spent on a job, average response and completion times, and total work order activity. Keep your team accountable and prove to your owners that you’re truly a cut above.

image representing how WorkSpace property management software acts as a digital filing cabinet for all your file storage needs
icon representing digital filing cabinet

Your Own Digital Filing Cabinet

Think about the last time you went hunting for a document in your email. This week? Today? WorkSpace is the one place for all critical property-level documents to be stored and made accessible. We’re talking leases, COIs, equipment manuals/warranties, monthly owner’s reports, budgets… we could go on and on. Really.

image representing how you get a property management website with WorkSpace property management software
icon representing property website

Hassle-Free Property Website

Bold statement: web development is not a core competency of property managers. As techies, we make it our business to build and maintain market-facing websites for every WorkSpace customer. Your tenants get easy access to their portals, and we keep things relevant by displaying amenities, vacant spaces, and more.

We're happy to compare

We're happy to compare
What you want WorkSpace Other Work Order Systems Integrated Accounting Systems

Rapid adoption

Intuitive UI and modern interface so your staff and tenants want to use it

Reduced data entry

Automated tenant and lease updates from accounting software

Streamlined payables

AP integration for purchase orders and work orders

Deeper performance insight

Asset and portfolio management metrics via complementary apps

Knowledgeable service

Setup and training from property management experts who know your business

Move your teams to higher value work

15 minutes could solve your headaches forever.