Accounting and Finance

Allow the numbers to speak for themselves

Accounting and finance are precise disciplines. Monthly close is always hectic. Driving accuracy and standards is a lifelong pursuit. But incessant interruptions from business teams – to recut numbers that you’ve already approved, fact-check a report produced by someone you’ve never met, or pull the same report for the hundredth time – undermine your ability to do your day job well.

image representing how WorkSpace software helps commercial real estate accounting and finance teams

Be a thought partner

WorkSpace allows you to be a steward of the facts. The figures you meticulously analyze, assess, and record in our platform can be exported and applied in dozens of different applications. WorkSpace makes it easy for you to advise the business on the numbers you know well.

Build vs. Buy Software: The Age-Old Debate

Should you buy a software solution to meet your business’s latest demand, or build your own? There are five main considerations you should weigh when evaluating whether or not to build vs. buy software for your organization.

Investor and Owner Relations
Executive Teams

Move your team to higher value work

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