A centralized
platform for portfolio operations

The first-ever solution to manage the operational life of Commercial Real Estate.

You didn’t get into the business to spend your life clicking into different systems, emails, spreadsheets, and PDFs. WorkSpace offers simplified workflows, automated data consolidation, and a pre-configured library of essential reporting and analytics.

image representing WorkSpace commercial real estate asset and portfolio operating platform

We help CRE professionals make quick and confident decisions to deliver greater investor returns.

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Asset and Portfolio Management

Gain unprecedented visibility into your portfolio

  • Real-time access to critical KPIs
  • Compare budget, actuals, and forecasts
  • Drill down from high-level portfolio variance to GL-level detail in a few clicks
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Property Management

Run your business from one platform

  • Optimize service, maintenance, and work order management
  • Communicate with tenants and vendors with ease
  • Work in your office or on the move with our web and mobile product
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Eliminate payment headaches

  • Automate your payables workflow and get rid of paper checks
  • Prevent cost overruns and simplify approvals
  • Eliminate reconciliation headaches

Benefits of a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Asset and Portfolio Operating Platform

Gain financial and operational insights and create a competitive advantage that sets your firm apart.