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Leading investors, owners, and managers want to know the overall health and history of their assets and portfolio. Most of them can’t get that visibility.

Instead, they settle for fragmented reports cobbled together with data from multiple point solutions, such as MRI, Yardi, QuickBooks, AppFolio, VTS, and others. There’s no centralized view of the common metrics that are critical to shaping investment and management strategies.

Even when imperfect data is available, it’s difficult to collaborate across a wide group of stakeholders. This delays making decisions, taking action, and driving profit.

WorkSpace is the first solution that liberates asset and portfolio managers from their manual work.

Don’t believe us? We’re happy to compare.

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Performance Visibility

From diagnosing variance to plan, analyzing large tenant exposure, or assessing return on tenant improvements, data can tell a powerful story. We believe in augmenting human intuition with powerful, detailed data.

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Single Source of Truth

We see too many teams arguing about numbers. Repetitive extraction of data, manual entry, and one-off analyses only obscure the truth and undermine faith in numbers. WorkSpace automatically ingests, scrubs, and uploads detailed information from the sources you care about.

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Intuitive Interface

Accounting systems are made for accountants. Underwriting models are highly cumbersome. Leasing software tells one side of the story. Instead of spending time learning different systems made for different users, we’re out to build one environment all teams can use to harness property and portfolio-level data.

image representing asset management's ability to provide proactive analysis
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Proactive Analysis

Too much of what we do is retroactive. Investor reporting lags 90 days. Operating committees meet monthly. An Excel file on your colleague’s desktop doubles as the company’s loan database. By staying close to the data, asset and portfolio teams can avoid surprises and structure tasks to proactively mitigate overruns and unintended exposure.

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Collaborate and Communicate

By enabling critical document uploads and monthly variance commentary, WorkSpace becomes the one place current and future team members can get up to speed, fast.

image showing how WorkSpace Asset and Portfolio Management provides investor transparency
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Investor Transparency

Offer comfort and line of sight to your LPs, and supercharge your fundraising. Differentiate your team’s performance at a micro level, and add hard numbers to your story. Build the ultimate form of trust by enabling your investors to access portfolio views.

We're happy to compare

We're happy to compare
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All your data

Ingest from a variety of core systems, at the most granular level

Built for real estate

Industry specific calculations, workflow, and data treatments

Low-effort onboarding

Out of the box integrations and “live” dashboards for immediate consumption

Build trust

Automatically vet and flag inaccurate source data

Custom development

An IT services team – developers, designers, and product – at your exclusive beck and call

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Move your teams to higher value work

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