Asset and Portfolio Managers

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Check out what the WorkSpace Asset and Portfolio Management tool can do for you.

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Create portfolio-wide value, minimize execution risk

Admit it, you’ve been settling for the status quo of spreadsheets, manual reporting, and incomplete data. Ready to live in 2020? We thought so.

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Eliminate low-value hours from your day

Imagine the countless hours you could eliminate if you had one place where all of your data lived, and everyone you worked with had access to that same data, in real time. Now imagine that tool was simple to learn and intuitive to use. Not bad, right?

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Escape from Groundhog Day

Stop feeling like you need to rerun the same report on a different day. Imagine your reports and dashboard were already configured so you could spend less time gathering numbers and more time delivering insights.

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Don’t worry about auditing

You’re in real estate, not data management. Our software manages the process of consolidating, cleaning, and visualizing data, allowing you to cleanly benchmark, analyze, and track all the key performance metrics you care about.

Unlocking Active Asset Management Case Study

Learn how you can integrate your financial and operational data.

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Move your team to higher value work

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