VendorPay Vendor Terms of Service

Last updated: May 9, 2022


VendorPay is a virtual credit card (“VCC”) service offered through your client’s partnership with Work Space LLC (“WorkSpace”). VendorPay is powered by WorkSpace and the VCCs are provided by Stripe, Inc. (“Stripe”). Details about VendorPay are available here.


In addition to any contractual arrangements between you (vendor) and the entity remitting payment to you, by utilizing VendorPay and enrolling to receive a VCC, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


By utilizing each VCC, you acknowledge and agree that you are the intended user of the VCC, you have the authority to set up the VCC on behalf of your business (if applicable), and you are solely responsible for all charges thereon and usage thereof.


If you swipe more than the amount allotted to the VCC, you are liable to repay any excess amount that is not able to be otherwise recouped.


WorkSpace solely provides the VCC to you through its relationship with the entity remitting payment to you. Neither the entity remitting payment nor WorkSpace has any liability to you in any way related to a VCC. For avoidance of doubt, you are solely liable for sharing of VCC credentials and/or login information, access to your email account, access to the VCC account page, your decision to provide the VCC to third parties, and any fraudulent charges resulting in any way from usage of your VCC, including if your webpage has been compromised and card credentials have been exposed due to malware or bad agents.


In the event of unauthorized swipes, insufficient amounts, or card expiration, you should immediately contact the support contact affiliated with the entity remitting payment, which will be listed in your VCC confirmation email.


You understand and agree that your participation in the VendorPay program may be terminated at any time in the sole discretion of WorkSpace or the entity remitting payment to you.


If you do not agree to these VendorPay Terms of Use, you may not utilize a VCC.