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Why Commercial Real Estate Matters

Do you know what the world’s largest asset class is? Many people’s first guess is the stock market. Nowadays, some people immediately think about crypto. 

But it’s neither!

The value of global real estate is over $200 trillion—it’s bigger than the world’s stock markets combined. And right now, real estate is experiencing existential change, so it’s imperative we talk about it. 

Introducing Deconstructed, A CRE Podcast

Introducing Deconstructed, a new podcast where we discuss the future of commercial real estate.

Many people don’t realize how vital and intertwined real estate is in our everyday lives, but it touches everything we do.

Think about this…

How does your morning coffee get into your mug? It starts with a farmer storing coffee beans in a warehouse somewhere. Real estate.

Someone sitting behind a computer in an office purchases those coffee beans. Real estate.

After traveling thousands of miles, those beans end up in a cafe or store where you buy them. Real estate.

And finally, every person who had a hand at getting the coffee to you goes home at the end of the day. Real estate is everywhere.

Deconstructed will discuss the intersection of real estate and the vast trends in technology, including data, digitization, software, and cloud computing.

This podcast will explore how those two sectors collide. We’ll have conversations with current industry leaders, with the goal of understanding the reality of what the future may bring us.

Some of the topics we’ll discuss include:

Deconstructed will delve into different insights and best practices from commercial real estate leaders—leaders who live and work in this industry every day.

You should listen in if you want to understand where the industry is, and where it’s going. We’ll talk about the opportunities and the forces of change that create the future of commercial real estate, including the technology that excites these leaders today.

Together, we’ll form a more complete view of what the future of real estate could look like.

We hope this podcast sheds some light on the commercial real estate profession. It’s time for us all to pay attention to where our future is heading, so it’s best to be as prepared as possible before it gets here.

You can find out more episodes here.

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