We install the plumbing
so you don’t have to

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Meet WorkSpace for Enterprise Asset Management

Regardless of whether you’re one of the largest real estate investors/operators in the world, a best-in-class CRE services firm, or an IT leader looking to modernize a real estate giant, you all want the same thing. All your data in one place.

You start exactly where you should – by assembling a team with amazing technical talent to build the solution of your dreams, and the future. You understand exactly what the business is looking for, and good news – you’re going to help them achieve it.

Your Data Challenge

Then, it happens, you run straight into a wall: your internal data is a mess. You can probably piece together data from systems with API access and great documentation, such as SalesForce, CoStar, and VTS. But real estate systems of record are fickle. They don’t let you easily extract data to create a rent roll, or financial statements. And combining that data across different systems, with different business logic and formats, is a years-long endeavor. Not to mention, you didn’t hire amazing talent to spend hours vetting a chart of GL accounts with the accounting team.

Don’t believe us? Look at all the best-in-class data ingestion players: Fivetran, Stitch, Snowflake, Alteryx, and the like. Do any of them boast real estate systems as data sources? We didn’t think so.

Our Promise to You

We can automate that piece of the puzzle.

Our team will:

– Work with your native accounting systems
– Automate data extraction of GL-level financials and operational data like rent rolls
– Ensure data quality and accuracy for all historical periods
– Consolidate data across different accounting systems in one format (we’re serious!)
– Pipe the data via format of your choosing to your master database

We’re not trying to build your killer app – we’ll never customize something as well as you can. We’re just here to save you the five years it took us to figure this out.

All your data in one place, at last

In 15 minutes, we’ll show you how WorkSpace for Enterprise can automate your data pipeline.

image of vivek kartha, ceo of workspace
Vivek Kartha
CEO, WorkSpace

Over and over again we see great teams spend time where they shouldn’t – building data extraction from the same few accounting systems, setting up convoluted processes, and spending hours every month dragging and dropping reports. It’s a waste of your team’s valuable time, and your money, especially when we can do the heavy lifting for you.