The Future of CRE Podcast

About the Podcast

On Deconstructed: The future of CRE, we bring you interviews with today’s leaders in Commercial Real Estate.

Each week you will hear your host, Vivek Kartha, share his industry expertise along with other guests and industry experts. These interviews will discuss challenges, best practices, and what the future holds for CRE.

If you are working in commercial real estate and have always wanted to sit down with leaders in the field to pick their brain, this show is your chance. Subscribe and join us each week as we deconstruct CRE.

What to expect in the format & questions of the show:

The Deconstructed podcast operates in a casual conversation style interview. We don’t structure out specific “rapid fire” questions but instead operate in a general framework to guide our questions. Our hosts simply ask the questions they are most curious about. The goal is to deconstruct the trends and challenges of the commercial real estate industry.

Who is the audience for the show:

The audience of the show is built up of 10,000+ Commercial Real Estate professionals & executives.

How long is each episode?

Episodes typically last from 25-40 minutes in length.

Is the show audio or video?

The primary medium of the show is audio, although we do chop up the video portion of the interview into social posts and educational videos. If possible, please try to have your webcam on and a professional video setting. If you can’t do video though, no worries. We can still hold the interview with just audio for the interview.

How to prepare for your interview:

1) Use your computer – Please use your computer for recording, not your phone. This will ensure we have the best quality possible.

2) Google Chrome is preferred – If possible, please have Google Chrome open during the interview. This enables us to record an audio backup of the interview. If you don’t have Google Chrome, it is ok, but it is preferred if possible.

3) Remove distractions – Please be in a quiet place and turn off any cell phones or notifications.

4) Audio Quality – Please use the best microphone you have available. If you do not have a microphone then use at minimum a pair of earbuds or a headset. This ensures the best audio quality for the listener.

image of vivek kartha, ceo of workspace
Vivek Kartha
About Your Host

Vivek currently serves as CEO at WorkSpace, following a career in corporate strategy, M&A, and operational turnarounds. Vivek joined the WorkSpace team alongside a growth investment from Alpine Software Group. Most recently, he served as Director of Corporate Strategy and M&A at American International Group, focusing on repositioning the firm’s global commercial footprint. Before that, he spent several years in strategy consulting with Deloitte. Vivek holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.A. in Economics and Philosophy from Case Western Reserve University.